Kasol – Everything you need to know about!

Breathtaking view of Parvati Valley

Kasol is famously known as the Mini Israel in Himachal Pradesh. Situated in Parvati Valley, amidst beautiful coniferous forests, this village offers a breathtaking view and much more for the tourists.

Kasol is one of the most popular destinations for young travelers and nature lovers due to its lush green valley and easy availability of substances. The Parvati River is also home to a famous fish called Trout and you can also do fishing by taking permission from the Forest Department.

This article covers all the things you should know about if it is your first trip to Kasol and the items which you should carry along with you to make your trip memorable and hassle free.

The best time to visit Parvati Valley is between the months of March to May however you can visit any time you like as there are no restrictions.

How To Reach Kasol:

  1. Via Bus: This is the cheapest way to reach Kasol from Delhi. There are direct buses of various operators that you can book via Redbus to reach Kasol directly from Delhi (Majnu Ka Tilla). It is an overnight journey and takes around 12 hours.
  2. Via Flight: This is the fastest way to reach Kasol. Book a flight from Delhi to Kullumanali Airport and then take a cab or bus to Kasol. The total time is around 4 hours.
  3. Via Train: You can also take a train from Delhi to Chandigarh and from there take a cab or bus to Kasol. It takes about 10 hours.

Is Kasol Safe ?

Kasol is absolutely safe for female travellers as well as families. The Hippie culture is nothing to be scared of as they prefer to stay away from tourists and the locals in Himachal are very friendly.


Kasol has a plenty of hotels ranging from premium to low budget friendly homestays. You should prefer to ask locals there about homestays as you will get them at a cheaper cost. You can also book homestays from AirBnB.

What to do in Kasol:

  1. Kasol is famous for being the starting point of one of the most beautiful treks of Himachal called the Kheerganga Trek. You can contact any local operator there and he will guide you through the journey or you can travel yourself also as there are many people there along. The trek will cost around 1000 per person.
  2. Explore the streets of Kasol. Take a walk around the lively streets of Kasol which are full of drawings, graffitis and cafes. You can also shop in the market various local items and handicrafts.
  3. You can visit the Hemp Cafe which is once in a lifetime experience. The food is really delicious and you won’t regret going there even a single bit.
  4. Sit near the Parvati Valley and enjoy the beautiful coniferous forests and the lush green view of the Valley. You can take beer or coffee along with you for a nice experience.
  5. Kasol is sometimes a bit crowded so you can also visit a village called Tosh which is famous for its peaceful and serene views and also has one of the most beautiful treks called Tosh Kutla Trek.
  6. You can visit famous cafes like the Moon Dance Cafe and German Bakery for amazing mouth-watering dishes and different cuisines.
The Famous Hemp Cafe

What should you take with you:

Although it is recommended to pack light yet there are some things that you must take alongwith you to make your journey comfortable and if you are planning to do the famous Kheerganga Trek, then these items are a must:

  1. Raincoat or Umbrella: The Kullu district receives moderate to heavy rainfall. If you are travelling during monsoon season, then you must carry a raincoat or umbrella with you. We recommend the following products as these are the best in terms of durability and budget.

2. Hiking Shoes: If you are planning to do the Kheerganga Trek you must have hiking shoes otherwise your normal sports shoes would tear apart as you would be walking through rocky terrains in Kasol. Below are the recommended shoes you should take along with you.

3. Portable Oxygen: In hilly areas especially at high altitudes like Kasol and Kheerganga, there is limited supply of oxygen. So you must carry a portable oxygen machine with you in case of emergency. Trust me we have seen how difficult it becomes to breathe in these areas so never take any chance in risking your life.

4. Trekking Pole: Whether you’re hiking on rugged terrain or the beaten path, you need hiking gear that can keep up! Trailbuddy trekking poles are built tough enough for the long haul.

5. Water Bottle with Filter: Sometimes you will face pure water crisis if you are travelling to some remote place or going for a trek. Do take a water bottle with an inbuilt filter so you can fill water and it will filter the water.

6. Accessories: These accessories might come in handy at various places especially if you are travelling to some village or going for a long trek.

A trip to Kasol will be one of the most memorable journeys you have ever been to 🙂


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